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There are four Anglican eBooks to download on this page: We pray that these resources will be a blessing to your ministry and life as you serve and follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

Orthodox Anglican Priest's Manual

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Filename Pages Description
CoverTOC.pdf none Cover page and Table of Contents
Forward.pdf 1-2 Forward
SickBapAdopt.pdf 3-12 Visitation of the Sick, Emergency Baptism, Conditional Baptism, Adoption
ResUnct.pdf 13-14 Communion from the Reserved Sacrament, Unction
ShortComm.pdf 15-25 Private Communion Service (short form)
Communion.pdf 26-39 Communion Service (long form)
FuneralHome.pdf 40-42 Service at a Funeral Home
Graveside.pdf 43-45 Graveside Service
ChildBurial.pdf 46-50 Burial of a Child
Psalter.pdf 51-233 Psalter

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Orthodox Anglican Prayer Book

Filename Pages Description
CoverTOC.pdf Cover & Table of Contents
Prayer&Thanks.pdf 1 - 29 Prayers & Thanksgivings, Daily Dismissals
Daily Prayers.pdf 30 - 61 Daily Prayers, Meditation of the Hours, Matins, Vespers
GeneralConfession.pdf 62 - 95 General Confession, Prayers Before Communion, Eucharist, Communion Service, Prayers After Communion
Blessings.pdf 96 - 145 Blessings
Childbirth-Prayers.pdf 146 - 189 Childbirth, Adoption, Baptism, Reception of a Convert, Visitation of the Sick, Confession, Communion of the Sick, Anointing of the Sick, Prayers for the Sick, Prayers for the Dying, Prayers for the Dead
Burial-Scripture.pdf 190 - 223 Burial Office, Graveside Service, Memorial Service, Scripture Readings for Death & Burial
Matrimony-Consecration.pdf 224 - 263 Holy Matrimony, Holy Orders, Consecration of Holy Oils
Psalms-Fixed_Holy_Days.pdf 264 - 303 Psalms & Lessons, Psalms & Lessons for Fixed Holy Days
Proper_of_Seasons.pdf 304 - 378 Proper of Seasons
ProperofSaints-ComofSaints.pdf 379 - 418 Proper of Saints, Common of Saints
Psalter.pdf 419 - 601 Psalter

The Order for Lessons & Carols

Filename Pages Description
Lessons_Carols.pdf 12 This is the American version of the service of Lessons and Carols. This pdf format can be downloaded and read on the computer or taken to a print shop to be make it into a booklet for use in a church service (saddle stich recommended).

The Collects, Epistles and Gospels for the Lesser Feasts and Fasts

Filename Pages Description
Lesser_Feasts_Fasts.pdf 164 THE COLLECTS, EPISTLES, AND GOSPELS FOR THE LESSER FEASTS AND FASTS AND FOR SPECIAL OCCASION. Prepared by The Standing Liturgical Commission Of the Protestant Episcopal Church In the United States of America. Published by The Church Pension Fund, New York, 1963.

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